The Network

Refers to TrainerKelly’s Network as a whole – the Central, Main, and Extended Network.

Throughout the Network, I share with you my stories, art, behind the scenes, and whatever else I feel like creating with you.

Central Network

Refers to this website – trainerkellysnetwork.com.

It’s where I post what I make to share with you.

Main Network

It refers to both this website and any pages I have control over, both personal and business, that are a part of or relate back to the Central Network.

For example, all my social media pages are considered a part of my Main Network because I have control over them and they are used to share what I’m doing on the Central Network.

Extended Network

Anything that I do not consider a part of my Main Network as well as people who I have a collaborative or affiliated relationship with on some level.

For example, I do not consider my Portfolio or Art Commissions as a part of my Main Network. My portfolio is just that – my portfolio and a résumé of sorts of work that I do for my Network and beyond. For Art Commissions, they’re just a side job that has no place in my Central Network – I make art commissions for you, not for me, which breaks with the purpose of my Central Network (I make things for me, then I share them with you). If that’s confusing…a good way to put it is it’s me setting up boundaries that benefit everyone involved.

As for affiliated relationships or collaborative efforts, this can really be anything. You’ll know ’cause I’ll announce it somewhere.


This is what I call my blog posts.

Rambles really can be about anything – behind the scenes of my stories, artwork, my day, really anything I feel like talking about.

Audio Rambles

This is what I call my podcasts.

Video Rambles

This is what I call videos where I talk about topics that are more or less the same as my blog.

If I talk in it and I’m not actually reading a story, it’s probably a video ramble.


Refers to my fictional stories that are available for reading on Stories.

This does not refer to any particular format the stories are presented in.


Refers to my fans and anyone who interacts with my Network regularly enough.

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