About TrainerKelly’s Network


At this point, I call TrainerKelly’s Network my online archive of my original works.

The core original works being my stories, illustrations (art), and rambles (blog posts).

I started it because I’ve known since about 4th grade that my job is to create stories, art, and whatever else inspires me and share it with others (hence why I “make things and share it with you”). It was never a question that it wasn’t.


Establishing the Network

As for why I even established my Network in the first, there’s two sides.

First Side

I have a history of just knowing what I’m doing and other people just not getting it until I actually start doing it. My Network is no exception. Part of establishing it was to help people start to see what the heck I was talking about when I said I was releasing my works myself, instead of going through more traditional means. I think the person I struggled with the most was my former therapist, but there were definitely other people who just didn’t see how it could all come together.

My Network was the solution to this problem – it created the container, if you will, to make it happen.

Second Side

I wanted my works centralized in one place that I had control over.

I was already used to making websites for years (since 4th grade) on things I was passionate about or interested in, so it’s not really surprising that I went this route!

The Name

TrainerKelly (sometimes trainer_kelly, but I have generally dropped that) has been my top choice for a username across the Internet.

When I was working on my current YouTube channel and was trying to come up with a name back around 2010, it was pretty common to see people put “TV” at the end of their username. I didn’t want that though, so I ended up going with “Network”. I ultimately ended up using the channel name – TrainerKelly’s Network – as the business name just because it sounded so good.

Even now, I think it has such a good ring to it.

A Way to Think About It

In a way, it’s a publishing company that only publishes my works.

I tend to shy away from calling it a publishing company though for one reason: people assume I’ll publish other peoples works.

I have no interest in publishing other people, especially at this time.

I’d love to figure out what I’m doing though so I can turn it into a formula and share it with others. That’d be cool.

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