About TrainerKelly's Network

TrainerKelly's Network is a small publishing company focused exclusively on the original works of Kelly Mulry (TrainerKelly). All works are influenced by Japanese animation (manga) and Japanese comics (manga). The original works include, but are not limited to, comics, illustrations, short stories, novels, and blog posts.


TrainerKelly's Network was officially established by Kelly Mulry in 2015 in order to start focusing on their long terms goals: telling stories, inspiring people in positive ways — no matter how big or how small that way is, and making a living doing so.


TrainerKelly's Network initially focused on art commissions — people paid Kelly Mulry to draw them artwork — however, after two years of it, Kelly Mulry switched their focus to their true goal of telling stories and promoting their original works.


TrainerKelly's Network primary target audience are non-elitist anime/manga fans in middle school and high school. Plans for older elementary school students and adult audiences are also in the works, but are currently not actively being worked on.


For more information about TrainerKelly's Network as a website, please visit Site's About TrainerKelly's Network page.



About Kelly Mulry

Kelly Mulry (TrainerKelly) lives in the New England area of the United States with their husband, Youtuber Hurricane500000, and their pet cat, Pudding. Kelly Mulry has been a huge fan of anime & manga since 2004 and has never looked back. Their biggest influence, not just for drawing and storytelling, but life itself, is the Pokémon franchise. Their favourite thing to do is explore their own universe(s) and understand each world and their inhabinents, which they have been doing since they were in 3rd grade.


In the future, Kelly Mulry hopes to equip other people do what they do and train them to start their own publishing companies focused on their own works.


For more information, please visit Site's About TrainerKelly page.


Kelly Mulry's preferred pronoun is "they," although any other pronoun is acceptable as well.


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